Evaluation of Environmental Performance in the Development of the Purwokerto -Kroya and Kroya - Kutoarjo Train Route

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Slamet Isworo
Poerna Sri Oetari


Train is an effective and efficient mode of communal transportation. During
the development phase it has an impact on the environment and according
to the recommendation of an environmental permit, impact management is
carried out. An environmental performance evaluation was carried out at the
Central Java Railroad Class I Central Java Region by referring to part of the
environmental management performance standard, known as the
Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE) ISO 14031: 2013, which has
become the Indonesian National Standard on Environmental Management .
There are environmental parameters that exceed quality standards because
they are not efficient in implementing environmental management. Based on
the results of the performance evaluation, it can be found that the main
performance indicators that need to be improved, namely the environmental
condition indicators, namely the impact of vibration, noise and TSP at the
mobilization of materials and TSS at the stage of land maturation.

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