Coal Mixing Study in The Optimization of Coal Quality in PT. Alamjaya Bara Pratama Kutai Kartanegara Regency East Kalimantan Province

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Mulyono Dwiantoro


This research activity was carried out at PT. Alamjaya Bara Pratama with the aim of carrying out this activity is, calculating the volume and quality of coal produced from blending activities according to consumer demand, and knowing the factors that affect the quality of coal blending results. The results showed each barge whose specifications were used for the blending formula parameters. On the MV. Ye Huan with 2 barges with reference to AC <7%, TS <1.40%, and CV (gar)> 4700 Kcal/kg. Blending simulation results show the tonnage of coal usage according to the requirements is 217,700 MT, divided into high sulfur coal of 148,000 MT and Low Sulfur coal of 69,700 MT. The factors that affect the quality of coal blending are divided into two factors, namely technical and non-technical factors. Technical factors affect the quality of coal blending results, including the quantity of available coal, the parameters used as the benchmark for blending, adequate blending equipment, good communication between workers, and the availability of production tonnage with the blending plan. Meanwhile, non-technical factors that affect the results of coal blending are the weather during the blending and barging processes, this weather contributes to the ups and downs of the quality of the blended coal.

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